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image for catalogue no. GHCD2281828384 Catalogue No.: GHCD2281828384
Format: 4 CD Set
Record Label: Guild Historical
Release Date: 05-Jul-2004
Composer: Giacomo Carissimi  other composers include: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven
Title: Zara Dolukhanova
Artists: Zara Dolukhanova      
Works: Arie antiche : Vittoria mio core! (Giacomo Carissimi). Come raggio del sol (Antonio Caldara). Quella fiamma che m’accende (Francesco Bartolomeo Conti). Se tu m'ami (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi). Caro mio ben (Giuseppe Giordani). Pieta Signore (Louis Niedermeyer). Ave Maria (Giuseppe Verdi). Exsultate jubilate K165 (Mozart). Ridente la calma K210a (Mozart). Komm liebe Zither K351 (Mozart). Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte K520 (Mozart). An Chloe K524 (Mozart). Cosi fan tutte K588 : Act I Number 4 - Oh guarda sorella (Mozart). Soirees Musicales : Number 9 La Regata veneziana (Rossini). Soirees Musicales : Number 10 La Pesca (Rossini). Songs of Various Nationalities WoO158a : 2 Russian songs Number 13 In the little woods / Number 14 Oh rivers rivers (Beethoven). Vor der Tur Opus 28 Number 2 (Brahms). Frauenliebe und Liebe Opus 42 : Seit ich ihn gesehen / Er der Herrlischte / Ich kann's nicht fassen / Du Ring an meinem Finger / Helft mir ihr Schwestern / Susser Freund du blickest / An meinem Herzen / Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan (Schumann). Wiegenlied Opus 98 Number 2 D498. Die Forelle Opus 32 D550. Du bist die Ruh’ Opus 59 Number 3 D776. Die schone Mullerin Opus 25 D795 : Number 2 Wohin? Ellens Gesang III Opus 52 Number 6 D839. Schwanengesang D957 : Number 9 Ihr Bild (Schubert). Gebet G331. Oh quand je dors G282. Der Gluckliche G334. Loreley G273 (Liszt). Les Contes d'Hoffmann : Act IV - Vous me quittez?…Malheureux! Tu ne comprends donc pas…O dieu de quelle ivresse (Offenbach). Bonjour Suzon (Delibes). Douce mer (Bizet). Core `ngato (Salvatore Cardillo). Deux Melodies Hebraiques : Number 1 Kaddish (Ravel). Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas. El Pano moruno. Seguidilla murciana. Asturiana. Jota. Nana. Cancion. Polo. (de Falla). Gedichte von Goethe : Number 9 Mignon IV / Number 11 Der Rattenfanger / Gedichte von Eduard Morike : Number 12 Verborgenheit. Spanisches Liederbuch : Number 13 Seltsam ist Juanas Weise. Spanisches Liederbuch : Number 16 Wenn du zu den Blumen gehst (Wolf). Allerseelen Opus 10 Number 8 / Cacilie Opus 27 Number 2 / Heimliche Aufforderung Opus 27 Number 3 / Morgen! Opus 27 Number 4 / Traum durch die Dämmerung Opus 29 Number 1 / Hat gesagt - bleibt's nicht dabei Opus 36 Number 3 (Richard Struass). A Charm of Lullabies Opus 41 : Number 5 The Nurse's Song / Number 4 A Charm (Britten). Fair maidens (Dargomyzhsky). Confidant Opus 57 Number 8 (Cui). Evening glow (Cui). Lilacs quickly fading here Opus 54 Number 5 (Cui). In the garden near the ford Opus 46 Number 4 (Tchaikovsky). Let it sound no more Opus 17 Number 3 (Taneiev). Six Children's Songs Opus 59 : Number 2 Mutual guarantee (Arensky). Romance (Scriabin). Winterabend Opus 13 Number 1. When roses fade Opus 36 Number 3. Spanish Romance Opus 36 Number 4 (Medtner). Take my heart away. Not a word o my friend Opus 6 Number 0. Both painfully and sweetly Opus 6 Number 3. The Cloud Opus 27 Number 2. Do not leave me Opus 27 Number 3. It was in early spring Opus 38 Number 2. Darkness fell on the earth Opus 47 Number 3. Sleep unhappy friend Opus 47 Number 4. Does the day reign? Opus 47 Number 6. Tell me what you are thinking Opus 57 Number 1. Do not ask Opus 57 Number 3. The first meeting Opus 63 Number 4. The fires in the room were already extinguished Opus 63 Number 5. Serenade Opus 63 Number 6. Song of Zemfira. Mezza notte (Tchaikovsky). Morning Opus 4 Number 2. The Water-lily Opus 8 Number 1. Prayer Opus 8 Number 6. Midsummer nights Opus 14 Number 5. Do not regret me Opus 14 Number 8. The Answer Opus 21 Number 4. Lilacs Opus 21 Number 5. The Muse Opus 34 Number 1. A Dream Opus 38 Number 5 - There is nothing in the world (Rachmaninov).
recorded 1940s and 1950s
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