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image for catalogue no. DACOCD455 Catalogue No.: DACOCD455 (barcode: 5709499455005)
Format: CD
Record Label: Danacord
Release Date: 01-May-1997
Composer: Carl Michael Bellman  other composers include: CEF Weyse and Niels Wilhelm Gade
Title: Aksel Schiotz Collection volume 5
Artists: Aksel Schiotz      
Works: Fjariln vingad syns pa Haga - The Winged Butterfly is seen at Haga. Ulla min Ulla - UIla my Ulla. Gubben ar gammal - Old Age is with me. Karaste broder - Dearest brothers (Carl Michael Bellman). Fridas Bok 1922 Number 1 / Number 2 Den forsta gang jag sag dig - The first time l saw you. Lilla Paris - Little Paris (Birger Sjoberg). Den kiedsom Vinter - The Dreary Winter went away. Jeg synge skal en Vise - l must sing a Song (JPE Hartmann). En Skaal for den Mo. Willemoes Kommer hid I Piger smaa. Nu vaagne alle Guds Fugle smaa. Bliv hos os naar Dagen haelder. Barcarole: Natten er saa stille. Faedrelands-Sang: Duftende Enge. Lysets Engel gaaer med Glands. Der staaer et Slot i Vesterled. Fra syngespillet 'Sovedrikken'. Valentins serenade: Skon Jomfru luk dit Vindu op. Gud ske Tak og Lov. I fjerne Kirketaarne hist. Bornenes Julesang: Julen har bragt. Deilig er Jorden. Et Barn er fodt i Bethlehem (CEF Weyse). Barn Jesus. Glade Jul - Joyful Christmas tune after Stille Nacht (Niels W Gade).
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