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image for catalogue no. CDWHL2157 Catalogue No.: CDWHL2157 (barcode: 0743625215724)
Format: CD
Record Label: Whiteline
Composer: Johann Strauss I  other composers include: Johann Strauss II and Josef Strauss
Title: The Strauss Album
Conductor: Christopher Warren-Green
Orchestra: Johann Strauss Orchestra
Works: Zampa Galop Opus 62a (Strauss I arr. Schonherr). Nightshade Polka mazurka Opus 229 (Josef Strauss). Perpetual Motion Opus 257 (Strauss II). Emperor Waltz Opus 437 (Strauss II arr. Schonherr). Champagne Polka Opus 211 (Strauss II). Overture from Die Fledermaus (Strauss II). Im Krapfenwald'l Opus 336 (Struass II). Tritich Tratsch Polka Opus 214 (Strauss II). An der schonen blauen Donau - By the beautiful blue Danube waltz Opus 314 (Strauss II arr. Schonherr). Unter Donner und Blitz - Thunder and Lightning quick polka Opus 324 (Strauss II). Pizzicato Polaka (Struass II / Josef Strauss). Errinerung an Covent Garden - memories of Covent Garden waltz on English popular melodies Opus 329 (Struass II). Jockey quick polka Opus 278 (Josef Strauss arr. Schonherr). Innig und Sinnig - Burning and Yearning French Polka (Eduard Strauss). Radetzky March Opus 228 (Strauss I arr. Schonherr).
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