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image for catalogue no. BISCD173133 Catalogue No.: BISCD173133 (barcode: 7318591731337)
Format: 15 CD Set
Record Label: BIS
Release Date: 29-Sep-2008
Composer: Joseph Haydn
Title: Complete Music for Solo Keyboard
Artists: Ronald Brautigam      
Works: Sonata Number 48 in C major HobXVI/35. Sonata Number 49 in C sharp minor HobXVI/36. Sonata Number 50 in D major HobXVI/37. Sonata Number 51 in E flat major HobXVI/38. Sonata Number 52 in G major HobXVI/39. Sonata Number 53 in E minor HobXVI/34. Sonata Number 54 in G major HobXVI/40. Sonata Number 55 in B flat major HobXVI/41. Sonata Number 56 in D major HobXVI/42. Sonata Number 57 in F major HobXVI/47. Sonata Number 58 in C major HobXVI/48. Sonata Number 59 in E flat major HobXVI/49 'Genzinger Sonata'. Sonata Number 60 in C major HobXVI/50. Sonata Number 61 in D major HobXVI/51. Sonata Number 62 in E flat major HobXVI/52. Sonata Number 42 in G major HobXVI/27. Sonata Number 43 in E flat major HobXVI/28. Sonata Number 44 in F major HobXVI/29. Sonata Number 32 in G minor HobXVI/44. Sonata Number 34 in D major HobXVI/33. Sonata Number 45 in A major HobXVI/30. Sonata Number 46 in E major HobXVI/31. Sonata Number 47 in B minor HobXVI/32. Sonata Number 31 in A flat major HobXVI/46. Sonata Number 35 in A flat major HobXVI/43. Sonata Number 36 in C major HobXVI/21. Sonata Number 37 in E major HobXVI/22. Sonata Number 38 in F major HobXVI/23. Sonata Number 39 on D major HobXVI/24. Sonata Number 40 in E flat major HobXVI/25. Sonata Number 41 in A major HobXVI/26. Sonata Number 33 in C minor HobXVI/20. Sonata Number 28 in D major HobXVI/5a. Sonata Number 29 in E flat major HobXVI/45. Sonata Number 30 in D major HobXVI/19. Sonata Number 1 in G major HobXVI/8. Sonata Number 2 in C major HobXVI/7. Sonata Number 3 in F major HobXVI/9. Sonata Number 4 in G major HobXVI/G1. Sonata Number 5 in G major HobXVI/11. Sonata Number 6 in C major HobXVI/10. Sonata Number 7 in D major HobXVI/D1. Sonata Number 8 in A major HobXVI/5. Sonata Number 9 in D major HobXVI/4. Sonata Number 10 in C major HobXVI/1. Sonata Number 11 in B flat major HobXVI/2. Sonata Number 12 in A major HobXVI/12. Sonata Number 13 in G major HobXVI/6. Sonata Number 14 in C major HobXVI/3. Sonata Number 15 in E major HobXVI/13. Sonata Number 16 in D major HobXVI/14. Sonata Number 17 in E flat major HobXVI/Es2. Sonata Number 18 in E flat major HobXVI/Es3. Sonata Number 19 in E flat minor HobXVI/47. Sonata Number 20 in B flat major HobXVI/18. Capriccio 'Acht Sauschneider mussen seyn' in G major HobXVII:1. Arietta con 12 variazioni in E flat major HobXVII:3. Arietta con 12 variazioni in A major HobXVII:2. Fantasia in C major HobXVII:4. 6 leichte Variationen in C major HobXVII:5. Andante con variazioni in F minor HobXVII:6. Adagio in F major HobXVII:9. 20 Variationen in G major HobXVII:2. Andante con variazioni in D major HobXVII:7. Andantino - Allegretto con variazioni in A major HobXVII:8. Allegretto in G major HobXVII:10. Andante con variazioni in B flat major HobXVII:12. Aria con variazioni in C major HobXVII:15. Adagio in G major HobXV/22II. Allegretto con variazioni in A major HobXVII?A3. Allegretto in G major HobIII:41IV. Variationen uber die Hymne 'Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser' in G major HobIII:77II. Il Maestro e lo Scolare in F major HobXVIIa/1. 12 Menuette HobIX:11. 12 Deutsche Tanze HobIX:12. 12 Menuette HobIX:3. 12 Menuette HobIX:8. 2 Marsche for Sir Henry Harpur HobVIII:1. Marsch HobVIII:3/3bis. Kontretanz HobXXXI:c:17b. Die Sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlosers am Kreuze.
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Penguin Guide 3 star

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