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image for catalogue no. 8503192 Catalogue No.: 8503192 (barcode: 0747313319237)
Format: 3 CD Set
Record Label: Naxos
Release Date: 31-Mar-2008
Composer: Walther von der Vogelweide  other composers include: Hildegard von Bingen and Adam de la Halle
Title: Time of the Templars
Artists: Estampie   Nova Schola Gregoriana   Tonus Peregrinus   Oxford Camerata
Works: Palasstinalied (Walther Von Der Vogelweide). Ja Nuls Homs Pris (Richard I `Coer De Lion'). A L'Entrant N'Este (Blondel De Nesle). Cantiga De Santa Maria: Entre Av'e Eva CSM60 (Alfonxo X `The Wise'). Chominciamento Di Gioia : Saltarello Number 1 (Anon). Carmina Burana : Clauso Cronos (Anon). Cantigas De Santa Maria: Quen Serve Santa Maria CSM213 (Alfonso X `The Wise'). Carmina Burana : Axe Phebus Aureo (Anon). Carmina Burana : Katerine Collaudemus (Anon). O Pastor Animarum (Hildegaard Of Bingen). Ambrosian Chant : Kyrie (Anon). Viderunt Omnes : Notum Fecitů (Perotin). Kyrie Eleison (Hildegaard Of Bingen). Vetus Abit Littera (Anon). Alleluia O Virga Mediatrix (Hildegaard Of Bingen). Estampie (Anon). Lamento Di Tristano : La Rotta (Anon). 19 Sephardic Songs : A La Nana - Lullaby (Anon). Guardame Las Vacas (Anon). Gradualia - Dirigatur / Domie Dominus Noster / Lacta Cogitatum / Laetatus Sum. Versus Alleluiatici - Adorabo / De Profundis / Deus Iudex Iustus / Laudate Deum. Offertoria - De Profundis / Domine Convertere / Lubilate Deo Universa Terra / Lustitiae Domini. Communiones - Circuibo / Dicit Dominus: Implete Hydrias / Dominus Firmamentum Meum / Qui Manducat / Gustate Et Videte - Psalmus 33. Bach Bene Venies. Tempus Transit Gelidum. Tempus Est Iocundum (Anon). Dinaresade (Traditional Syrian). Nevestinko Oro (Traditional Macedonian). Sei Wilkommen Herre Christ (Anonymous German c1394). Kod Bethlehema (Traditional Croatian). Koleda Na Bozic (Traditional Croatian). Dudul (Traditional Turkish).Kyrie Eleison (Christian-Arabic Tradition). Laudario Di Cortona Ms91 Biblioteca Communale Di Cortona Italy 13th Century - De La Crudel Morte De Cristo - Of The Cruel Death Of Christ. Yunus Emre Turkey 13th Century - Sallalahu Ala Muhammed. Pesrev - instrumental. Ey Dervisler - Hey My Dervish Brothers!. Keh Moshe (Traditional Jewish 12th century). Robin M'Aime - Marion. Motet: Mout Me Fu Grief Li Departir / Robin M'Aime / Portare (Adam De La Halle).
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