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Pietro Antonio Domenico Trapassi, better known by his pseudonym of Metastasio, was an Italian writer and poet who lived through most of the 18th century. In the early summer of 1730 Metastasio settled at Vienna, and over the next ten years produced his finest dramas including the work known as “Demofoonte”. By the year 1800 it had inspired at least 73 operas by amongst others Vivaldi, Gluck, Paisiello, and Galuppi. Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never composed a complete “Demofoonte” opera, he did leave us six arias which sum up the key moments of the plot. On this WDR production, the missing story line between the arias is filled in by spoken text supplied by German author Sabine Radermacher based on Metastasios original drama. Instumental compositions by Mozart from the time between 1769 and 1778 provide a musical context for the operatic scenes.

Capella Coloniensis and soloists are here directed by Bruno Weill in an imaginitive WDR production that intersperses the six arias that Mozart wrote around the story of Demophoonte by Metastasio with spoken text, and other music written by the composer around the same time.

image for catalogue no. 477468 Catalogue No.: 477468 (barcode: 0600554774688)
Format: Hybrid 2 SACD Set
Record Label: Arts
Release Date: 28-Jul-2008
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Title: Demofoonte - Fragments of an Opera
Conductor: Bruno Weil
Artists: Cappella Coloniensis   Matthias Habich   Eleonore Marguerre   Sunhae Im
Works: Symphony Number 10 in G major K74. Demofoonte - 1 spoken text. Aria: In te speo so sposo amato K440. Cassation in G major K63 Number 2 : Allegro. Demofoonte - 2 spoken text. Ma che vi fece o stelle - Sperai vicino K368. Cassation in B flat major K99. Andante and Demofoonte - 3a spoken text. Minuet. Demofoonte - 3b spoken text. Aria: Non curo l'affetto K74b. Demofoonte - 4 spoken text. Aria: Se ardire e speranza K82. Symphony in A minor K16a : Allegro Moderato. Demofoonte - 5 spoken text. Aria: Se tutti i mali miei K83. Demofoonte - 6 spoken text. Cassation in B flat major K99 : Andante. Demofoonte - 7 spoken text. Misero me - Misero pargoletto K77 : Recitativo: Misero me. Aria: Misero pargoletto. Demofoonte - 8 spoken text. Cassation in B flat major K99 : Number 2 Allegro Moderato / Number 6 Minuet. Les Petits Riens K229b : Number 18 Gavotte / Number 11 Larghetto / Number 9 Andantino / Number 12 Gavotte.
by and based on the libretto of Pietro Metastasio / conception and German librettos by Sabine Radermacher
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